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Riding my bike around the village of Mytikas. Enjoying the best traditional cheese pie ever, meeting a family friend, leaving with lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Check my video for the Greek-way ;)
The sea, the sun, my bike.. the only thing missing is not actually a thing, but my best mate, Sabby! But we've made another video w/ her!

August '20 and this f* COVID-19 got us for good. One year since we are back in Greece and we wanted to go somewhere quiet to spend our summer holidays but we were also desperate to be close to beautiful beaches, delicious food... The village where my mother grew up and I lived all of my childhood summers was decided as the ultimate destination. I haven't been to Mytikas for more than a decade and it was about time!! I borrowed a friend's bike and at 7am I rode around the village. From the very start, the "entrance" of the village to the edge ("myti") that gave the place its special name, the small port, and the house of a family friend who always took care of us when we were kids.

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